Abortion mothers need collective bargaining

As New York expands the legalized taking of life, and as undercover videos surface of the harvesting of baby parts (for profit), it dawns on me that abortion mothers (is that an appropriate term?) are getting the short shrift in this seemingly billion-dollar industry. A side effect (or benefit) of late-term abortions that no one is talking about is the increased value in the harvesting of viable baby parts.  Planned Parenthood and its, ahem, partners are making a killing (to coin a phrase) off the harvesting of these organs.   In this vein, is not Planned Parenthood akin to yesterday's plantation, where slaves were indentured to grow, produce, and subsequently harvest crops (most notably cotton)?  Are today's abortion mills at all different?  Women, primarily single women of color, are encouraged to procreate, grow, and subsequently harvest a crop (of sorts) for profit, for which they don't derive any of the...(Read Full Post)
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