A monster called identity politics

Virginia is "ground zero" in the story of identity politics and the modern Democrats.  And Virginia is probably only the beginning of what will be a long and painful identity politics nightmare.

I like what Michael Walsh wrote about it:  

It's not easy being a Democrat these days. 

At any moment, some action or character trait that was celebrated just a few years ago suddenly becomes verboten; or some hitherto unknown social-justice concern comes flying in from left field or outer space and lands in your lap.

Such is the case with the senior Democrats in the Virginia state house, who from the governor on down have suddenly been accused of behavior that was perfectly acceptable when Al Jolson, Laurence Olivier, or Harvey Weinstein used to do it.

Yes, it's a new world for the people who decided to destroy Justice Kavanaugh over innocuous yearbook posts and spurious accusations from the past.

As I see it, the chickens have come home to roost for the Democrats.  

Where do they go from here?

First, there is no happy ending in Virginia.  If Governor Ralph Northam resigns, then the next in line, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, has a woman problem that won't go away.  If they both resign, then #3, Attorney General Mark Herring, has his own blackface problem.  If all three resign, then they have a GOP governor: current House speaker Kirk Cox.  Again, no happy ending for the Democrats.

Beyond Virginia, the party is being torn apart by left-wing "green energy" fantasies, anti-Israel congresswomen, candidates who promise "pie in the sky" health care solutions, and who knows what's next?  We remind you that they've been only around 45 days as a House majority! 

My sense is that these elements within the party will get frustrated with governing and walk away.  They will clash with those who need to get re-elected in tough districts the next time around.  

I can't wait to see the 2020 Democrat convention.  It will be a disaster — especially for the "person" they nominate.  

Who knew that they'd go crazy this quickly?

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