Who approved this garbage Gillette ad?

How much more P.C. madness are we supposed to endure?  I don't know, but Gillette is the latest corporation to go P.C. on us.

They are running an ad about "toxic masculinity," attacking men for being men.

Let's review this from Charles Taylor:

As Gillette has come under increasing competition from low priced competitors such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry's, along with a resurgent Schick who is offering refill cartridges that fit Gillette razors, its market share has dropped from 70% to 50% over the past decade.

Gillette has been forced to drop the price of its razors by about 15% over the past few years and is on the verge of losing master brand status.

It is within this competitive context that Gillette debuted its "We Believe in the Best in Men" ad campaign on its website yesterday, part of an overall shift to the slightly modified tag "The Best a Man Can Be."

The 1:48 length video starts out with images of remarkably troubled looking men as a narrator makes reference to bullying, sexual harassment, and toxic masculinity.  It then poses the question "Is This the Best a Man Can Get." 

The viewer then sees depictions of a series of very ugly and negative behaviors, including bullying, fighting, sexual harassment, and blatantly interfering with a woman speaking in the workplace. 

The ad goes on to state it is time for men to stop making excuses and to renounce the idea that "boys will be boys." 

Gillette concludes that concludes [sic] by calling for and showing images of men holding other men accountable and emphasizing that the boys of today will be the men of tomorrow.

Wow!  Where do we start?

First, what does this have to do with selling razors?  Why are we putting politics into the promotion of a razor?  Gillette should check with ESPN or the NFL about the consequences of pushing politics on viewers or those of us who shave every day.

Second, I was taught to respect women.  I don't know what "boys will be boys" means, but it never meant that bad behavior toward women should be tolerated.

Third, our problem is that too many boys are growing up without fathers around to teach them how to be men.

Fourth, fatherless homes are a crisis that most of the left does not want to admit.  They prefer to blame slavery or racism rather the absence of responsible men in boys' lives.

Please spare me the P.C. lecture, and let's get real about the problems with young men in the U.S.  They need fathers or strong male mentors rather than nonsense about "toxic masculinity."

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