Warren's bizarre beer announcement underlines liberal 'diversity' insincerity

For some unknown reason, a few extremely sensitive folks are offended by this actual photo of Senator Elizabeth Lieawatha Pocahontas Warren (D-Mass.)'s announcing, in her native language, her exploratory 2020 presidential committee.  They are most certainly racists and misogynists who can't tolerate the idea of a minority, a womyn – a minority womyn, for goodness's sake – running for higher office.  They just don't accept that in 21st-century America, blonde (authentic or not)-haired white femails (not a male subsidiary) with high cheekbones with 1/1,024 authentic minority ancestry and other minority identifiers are allowed to run for public office.  

The Democrats must learn to accept that diversity, pluralism, and multiculturalism exist in America.  It certainly is time for these platitudes to penetrate the Democratic Party of 2019.  As Warren herself would advise those who have difficulty with these modern thoughts, "get yourself a beer and relax."  

Header image of Elizabeth Warren: Edward Kimmel via Flickr.