Vatican News touts Cuba's Castroite revolution in now deleted tweet

Is the Vatican under Pope Francis now so enamored of socialism that it's tweeting celebratory praise for the Castroites and the hellhole they made of Cuba?

Well, it's apparently trying.  Get a load of this:

The Vatican News website recently paid tribute to Cuba on the 60th anniversary of the Communist revolution in a post that was quickly deleted, according to reports.

The Communist island nation marked the occasion with celebrations on News [sic] Year's Day, while several leftist Latin American leaders tweeted their best wishes.

Here is the supposedly deleted tweet:

Now, assuming that this isn't some Russian disinformation propaganda operation to sow dissent, this is approximately equivalent to a meal turkey getting out there and celebrating Thanksgiving.

Castro runs an atheist regime.  It's not just atheist in foundation; it requires atheism for membership (and the nomenklatura perks) of its ruling Cuban Communist Party.

Castro shut down churches.  He expropriated all church property.  He shut down Catholic schools.  He expelled priests and, as Pajamas Media's Debra Heine notes, even a bishop.  Castro killed priests, and his regime banished Christmas.  The Castroites haven't let up much, sending in goons to lately reopened churches to beat the Ladies in White.  No sanctuary respected in that hellhole.  The Cuban revolution, so vaunted by the left, left Cuba's people morally and spiritually wasted, with all the social ills that come of being deprived of any contact with religion.  The religion there is the state.

And now the Vatican is jumping up to celebrate that catastrophe?  Not only is Cuba the hellhole that was impoverished by this so-called revolution, going from the most prosperous state in Latin America to its most impoverished, but its revolution came to and looted Venezuela, left it a nightmare husk, and created a refugee wave the likes of which this hemisphere has never seen, and it still rules the place.  Cuba is the country that turned Chile into a socialist hellhole in the 1970s and left it on the brink of civil war.  It turned all of South America into a battlefield around the same time, and it sold itself to the highest bidder in geopolitical power games to keep itself afloat.  Its vile propaganda amounts to the Black Legend of modern times.

The Vatican wants to pay tribute to this?  What kind of people are running that place?  This is what has become of the chair of St. Peter?  What do they believe in?  What are their standards?  Obviously, they have none.  We Catholic faithful await the return of some standards and understanding, because right now, the evidence shows there is none.