Christian Bale takes Hollywood to a new low, thanking 'Satan'

Well, here we have it: a new low from Hollywood.

Actor Christian Bale, in his Golden Globe award acceptance speech, decided to thank "Satan" in his acknowledgments, apparently for inspiring his portrayal of former vice president Dick Cheney in the movie Vice, as the Hollywood chi-chi crowd cheered.

According to a report in Variety:

Christian Bale had one unconventional figure to thank in his acceptance speech after winning best actor in a comedy or musical for "Vice" at Sunday night's Golden Globes.

"Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration for playing this role," he said about his character of Dick Cheney in the political satire.

Given that Satan amounts to absolute evil, it's evidence he re-created a cartoon character, not a living, breathing human he might have disagreed with on the political front.  After all, wouldn't a normal actor study Cheney to portray Cheney, assuming he wanted to do it credibly?  Bale says he preferred the devil.  He wasn't interested in being credible.  Think I will pass on this movie, given that I now know how the sausage was made.  Bale has given us too much information.

It just goes to show the contempt he feels for his audience in his crude, non-understanding, and openly admitted inspiration.

It also shows that he wanted his speech to be political – to take a shot at Cheney and spread the cultural message that Cheney, one of the principled and most popular members of the Bush administration, is a distorted monster.

If Satan was whom he imitated for Cheney, it signals he's shot his creative wad.  Whom would he turn to for inspiration in portraying Donald Trump?

Long ago, Hollywood celebrities would trot out their gowns and tuxes; walk the red carpets; win their awards; wave their statues; thank their directors, their co-stars, their spouses, and their moms; and then take their awards and go home.  Today, they make everything political, and they do it as a means of virtue-signaling.  Incredibly, that now involves thanking Satan, which shows how far things have fallen.  Bale can stand up and take a bow for taking that bad tack to a new low.  No wonder no one wants to watch these awards ceremonies anymore, let alone the movies.  I sure don't.