Trust 'scientists'? Really?

Does anyone remember when we trusted "scientists"?  We might not have understood them, but we understood their goals and purpose and saw both as noble at least in intent.

And now?  As a group, they include too many politicized, lying fools.  Part of the great "control the people" scheme -- the one that is trying to re-establish a ruling class that died along with serfdom and great landed estates.

This morning, CNN (yes, I know, "boo," "hiss") had this glaring headline: "The world is two minutes from doom."

Read deeper, and it is a warning by a bunch of "scientists" telling us again of the danger of the impending and rushing at us "global climate change" and how endangered mankind has become because the U.S. (read: "Trump") walked away from Obama's super deal with Iran.

Uh-huh, and uh-huh.

Oh, and how equally foolish the U.S. is (again, read: "Trump") to be working on missile defense – something every "scientist" knows is as impossible as sending a man to the Moon.

Then there is the latest group of educated fools looking to expose themselves in public.  That's the psychologists in the American Psychological Association who as a body wet their organizational finger; put it in the air; and, sensing the direction of the breeze, declared with great certainty, and all the scientific authority they could muster, that traditional masculinity is a "mental health" issue.

Boys thinking they're girls isn't, mind you.  That, they assure us, is normal, progressive teenage development.

Uh-huh again.

How individual researchers actually think and feel about all the above, we really do not know.  Careers in "science" and the academy depend on such at least publicly nodding their heads to those who govern their industry.  Go outside the box, and you'll get no wrapping paper.

None of this is really new.  Corruption of the priesthood has seemingly come to every religion, and those willing to nail 95 honest questions to a cathedral door have been rare, indeed.

But – and this is where things get truly wonderful – the average people, they somehow understand.  "Scientific" evidence of that is being seen worldwide.

That it is the "common man" who has the wisdom – that is once again the wonder.  Even if we can't quite come to see it for the unwashed masses (as they/we have long been described), we all at least know it about those we have come to call our friends.

That, dear readers, is equally pure science and magic.