Venezuelans offer to build Trump his wall – and paint it for him, too

Latin American nations throwing off communist dictatorships can be witty in their protests, starting with that staple of Latin protests, the pot-banger, or cacerolazo, which is the spectacle of angry housewives beating on pots and pans, originally done to protest Marxist dictators.  It was a practice started in Chile in 1971, when angry housewives protested Cuban dictator Fidel Castro's little pawn in Santiago, Salvador Allende, and all his signature shortages of socialism, by chasing his minions around, beating on pots and pans.  It's what got the ball rolling in the current unrest in Venezuela and has been used on Marxist dictator Nicolás Maduro quite a bit.

Here is another funny one from Honduras, dating from its effort to throw out a detested communist dictator, Hugo Chávez's pawn, Mel Zelaya, in 2009.  At the time, Hondurans were being reviled and sanctioned by the Obama administration and much of the West for their courage.  Some of the response was humor.  I've also seen good stuff at Miami protests against Castro.  My favorite sign?  "No Castro, No Problem."  Miami Cubans even made that into a bumper sticker, and the left screamed.

Now Venezuelans have come up with a good one, this time explicitly addressed to President Trump:

The Venezuelan protesters are offering Trump a deal.  Trump likes deals, right?  In this one, they ask him to help them get rid of Maduro, and in gratitude, they will not just gladly build his border wall, but throw in a paint job, too.

Given Mexico's unconscionable support for the brutal dictatorship in Caracas, the Venezuelans have every right to be disgusted with Mexico – and now owe them nothing.  What better way to get Trump to keep supporting them (he already is, but this is humor) than to offer to build his wall?

Viva Venezuela!

Image credit: Twitter video screen grab.