Roger Stone’s last pre-arrest interview

In the immediate aftermath of Roger Stone’s indictment and arrest on the morning of Friday, January 25, Fox News Media Relations provided a transcript and a link to the video of Stone’s last mainstream media interview before he was taken into custody. The occasion was a five-minute live interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Wednesday, January 23. During the conversation with Carlson, Stone complained about the difficult financial straits he finds himself in as a result of the past year of harassment at the hands of the Special Counsel’s investigation of the Trump Administration for alleged Russian collusion. He also continued to protest his innocence in the face of the Federal charges that would soon be filed against him.

Early Friday afternoon, after Stone was freed on $250,000 bail, Fox News announced that he would appear on Tucker Carlson Tonight later this evening, Friday, January 25, between 8-9 P.M. E.T. with a replay between 9-10 P.M. P.T. According to Fox News, “Stone will react to his indictment as part of the investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.”

Video via Grabien:

January 23 Carlson-Stone


TUCKER CARLSON: Well the purpose of the Mueller investigation was to find Russian

agents in the United States. That's what they told us when it began. But

that's long ceased to be its purpose.

It is now a permanent federal investigation into anyone who has publicly

supported the President or made other unpopular political noises. Whether

that person did anything wrong, colluded with Russia, irrelevant.

Being the subject of a federal investigation, anyone who's been that, can

tell you is enough to wreck your life.

Roger Stone has learned that lesson. He has not been indicted for anything.

He says though that being investigated by Mueller has pushed him to the

brink of bankruptcy. Roger Stone joins us tonight with that account.

Roger, thanks very much for coming on. So--


STRATEGIST: Tucker, thank you very much.

CARLSON: --the - the details of the investigation to the extent they're

publicly known are batted back and forth on TV every day and will have, I

suppose, decades to figure out exactly what it was about and your place in


But, as of right now, you have not been indicted or even accused of any

crime, much less colluding with Russia. Tell us the effect on you and your

family of being publicly linked to this investigation.

STONE: Sure. First of all, because of the intense censorship of my own show

on Infowars, which you've talked about a lot, I appreciate the opportunity

to be here.

CARLSON: Of course.

STONE: I've been under a two-year microscope, in which every aspect of my

life has been examined, my personal life, my family life, my private life,

my business life, my political life. And that has been an extremely

draining process.

At least 12 of my current or former associates have been browbeat by the

FBI or dragged before the Grand Jury. Literally, millions of dollars have

been spent. I believe all my emails, text messages, phone calls in 2016 and

since have been scrutinized.

And today, there is still no evidence of Russian collusion, WikiLeaks

collaboration, or any other illegal act in connection with the 2016

election or anything else.

This has been financially devastating. The leaks from the General - from

the Special Counsel's Office have devastated my private consulting

business. In December, I lost my health and life insurance, unable to pay

the premiums anymore.

I had to sell my car. It was a 2006, but I had to sell it nonetheless. A

small fund, I had put aside for the college education of my grandchildren,

derived from my book sales, had to be liquidated.

I am this close - I mean, in all honesty, I struggle to pay my lawyers

first and foremost, pay my rent, pay my taxes. It is not a fun existence.

CARLSON: It's - it's unbelievable. I - I don't even - I mean you're in your

60s is my understanding. And you have no money whatsoever. You don't even

have health insurance. And you have not been informed that you are going to

be indicted, much less been indicted. I mean do you even know what the

crime is they're alleging, presuming they're alleging anything?

STONE: It's very hard to say. You have a runaway Special Prosecutor who is

accountable to no one. The - the House Intelligence Committee Democrats

keep insisting that I have perjured myself. That's a lie. There were lies

told the day I testified.

Adam Schiff said, for example, the FBI did investigate and examine the DNC

servers. But my testimony is both accurate and truthful, but I'm not even

allowed to have a copy of it, Tucker. I'm not even allowed to examine it.

My lawyers can go examine it in a sealed room in Washington. But they're

not allowed to take notes. 4.5 hours of voluntary testimony.

So, as I say, the - the financial cost has been more than a half million

dollars, projected to be substantially more, because I'm being sued by the

Democratic National Committee for non- existent Russian collusion.

I am still being investigated by the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence

Committee. And now, Congressman Schiff is gearing up a new investigation,

still haven't come up with nothing. I have had to rely on a legal defense


It - it is only through the help of good citizens and - and patriots and

supporters of the President that I am able to fend these people off.

CARLSON: So, I just - I just want to--

STONE: But the most--

CARLSON: --before we get the Mueller report, I just wanted this on tape, on

the record, you know, they better charge you with the Kennedy assassination

at the end of the day after doing this to you or anybody. That's the point.

I'm not here to defend you personally. I'm here to defend all Americans who

are not indicted against having their lives destroyed by someone who's not

accountable to anybody. It's a total outrage, I think. Anyway, Roger Stone-


Tucker Carlson and Roger Stone, Fox News Channel Jan. 23, 2019


STONE: Well-

CARLSON: --last word to you.

STONE: It is - certainly. Here's the most important thing, Tucker.

No matter how much pressure they put on me, no matter what they say, I will

not bear false witness against Donald Trump. I will not do what Michael

Cohen has done and make up lies to lease the pressure on myself.


STONE: You know, my God and a great wife and my great family see me through


CARLSON: Honestly, I hope I would have the integrity that if the roles were

reversed, and a Democrat was in the White House, and this was happening to

one of his supporters, who had not been accused of any national security

violation that I would defend his right not to be destroyed because I - I

really mean it.

Roger Stone, God bless.

STONE: Thank you, Tucker.

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