Mueller stages full body armor predawn arrest of Roger Stone for CNN's cameras

The latest "This is the beginning of the end for Trump..." orgasm in the mainstream media comes with serious action movie production values, courtesy of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.  Roger Stone, who could easily have been notified to turn himself in the way white-collar defendants who are no danger of fleeing normally are handled, was instead subjected to a humiliating midnight predawn raid with cars full of riot gear-clad FBI agents, all staged before the cameras of CNN, which was exclusively granted access to the scene worthy of an action movie.  [Update: It is not clear who leaked news of the raid to CNN, having the effect of staging it for the most anti-Trump of networks. ]This is similar to the treatment of Paul Manafort, but with the added indignity of CNN cameras.

It is notable that Stone was arrested over alleged process crimes, not for conspiracy with Russia, or even "collaboration" (which is not a crime).

Further comment on the six crimes alleged in the indictment will have to wait for more information.  But it is clear that Mueller was shown his man first, and then found the crime, following the dictum of  Stalin's head of the KGB, Lavrentiy Beria: "Show me the man, and I will find you the crime."