Pope Francis: Excommunicate Governor Cuomo

Pope Francis has just returned from a youth rally in Panama.  I'm glad to see the pope there, and it's a great program to promote the faith among young people.  I have friends from our area who traveled to the event.

Let's hope that Pope Francis has a tough response to the new New York law on abortion.  It is late-term abortion and worse.

I'm glad to see that the opposition is coming from many places, including Charlie Daniels:

Music icon Charlie Daniels blasted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in a Saturday tweet, asserting that a new state law that legalizes abortion up until birth threatens to make the Empire State resemble an infamous Nazi concentration camp.

"Watch the wrinkles on Cuomo's face lengthen as the ramifications of the thousands of murders he has sanctioned come to bear on him," Daniels, 82, tweeted.  "The NY legislature has created a new Auschiwitz [sic] dedicated to the execution of a whole segment of defenseless citizens.  Satan is smiling."

I don't know if Satan is smiling, but a lot of us are shocked with the law and the celebration that followed.

Painting the town pink to celebrate late-term abortion?  Is this what Roe v. Wade was supposed to be about?

Pope Francis has been talking a lot about walls and climate change.  I would like for him to excommunicate Governor Cuomo and shame him for this outrageous law and the celebrations.

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Photo credit: Gov Cuomo's office.