Nancy's problem

The Democrat majority in the House of Representatives is paper-thin.  Most of the new Democrat members who have given Nancy Pelosi this soft majority come from congressional districts created by Republican legislatures to elect Republican House members to Congress.  Midterm elections nearly always go against the party controlling the White House. What this means is that each of these new House members realizes that he will face a real problem with re-election in 2020 running as a freshman from a district gerrymandered to elect Republicans.  Only sensible, adroit, and thoughtful leadership can help these freshmen win re-election in 2020, but that is precisely what Nancy Pelosi cannot provide. She is the most leftist speaker of the House in American history, and her whole life has been spent in extremely leftist regions – Baltimore, New York, San Francisco, and Washington – working almost exclusively in politics.  Moreover,...(Read Full Post)
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