Elizabeth Warren: Dead phony walking

Elizabeth Warren obviously has no concept of the damage she already has done to her future in national politics by revealing her DNA test results showing that she has less Native America DNA than the average citizen of this country.  How else could she have issued her bizarre Instagram video announcing her presidential campaign?  The live-feed video she posted to Instagram (but did not archive) lives on and has made her into a national joke, confirming that deep down, the genuine, authentic Elizabeth Warren is a phony.

The estimable William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection dubs the video her "Dukakis Tank Moment," a judgment shared by Boston Herald columnist Jaclyn Cashman.

Warren's cringeworthy event – streamed on Instagram Live on New Year's Eve – is a friendly chat with her followers.

"I'm here in my kitchen – and um – I thought maybe we'd just take some questions and I'd see what I can do," Warren said.

At which point she not-so-casually said she would grab a beer. Seems innocuous enough. Beer has a time-honored place in presidential politics.  But this resident of Cambridge's la-di-dah Linnaean Street and erstwhile Harvard elitist is really an extra oaky chardonnay kind of lady.  Her poor husband was so befuddled – apparently not fully clued in on the stunt – that when she offered him one he declined.  More of a 20-year-old tawny port sipper, no doubt.

The most authentic thing about the video, in fact, was its bogusness: Warren once again trying to pretend she is something she is not.

It is widely believed that the stunt in which presidential candidate Dukakis rode in a tank with a tanker's helmet on – an effort to prove his toughness on national security – backfired, as he looked completely unnatural.

YouTube screen grab.

Faking comfort and familiarity in a situation that is the exact opposite rarely works, except with top-tier actors.

Warren's Instagram video, in which the prissy professor pretended she was an average Joe using working-class vernacular and said, "Hold on a second – I'm gonna get me a beer" was cringe-inducing, as was the body language purporting to be slugging down a brewski:

Screen grab from Instagram, via Legal Insurrection.

The faux, visibly uncomfortable and out-of-character attempt to speak in the Vulgate brought to mind, as Ed Driscoll reminded us, John F. Kerry's immortal fake folksiness in telling people, "Can I get a me a hunting license here?"

I don't know a single person who likes being patronized, as Warren, Dukakis, and Kerry were obviously doing to people they regarded as their social and intellectual inferiors.  People who patronize others are blind to their own contempt for those they seek to enlighten with their own virtue.  A dose of humility is the only remedy, and humility is, to a Harvard professor turned senator, like a cross to a vampire.

Elizabeth Warren does not understand that she is now damaged goods, her image as a snobby phony cast in stone.  I hope she persists in her futile quest for the Oval Office, for all she will do is remind voters that Democrats speak with forked tongues (as her nonexistent Native American ancestors said in countless movies) when they talk about affirmative action, or helping the working class, among other subjects.

One of the root problems Democrats face is that the mainstream media never call them out and never really warn them when they are being phonies.  The press operates as a claque for them, sparing them warnings about how out of touch they get with the public they seek to persuade.  The fact that media elites share the same class preferences of Democrat elites is all the more dangerous.