Does Maduro really have the armed forces?

We hear that President Nicolás Maduro has the support of the armed forces.  But does he really?  Remember the Kremlin back in 1991?  They ordered the armed forces to put down the Yeltsin movement, but they didn't.  In other words, soldiers were not willing to fight their own people to support a corrupt and unpopular regime. I see the same thing happening down in Venezuela. First, Maduro has not sent a task force to arrest interim president Juan Guaido, as we see in news reports:   More than 700 opponents of President Nicolas Maduro have been arrested during the latest push by Venezuela's opposition to oust the socialist leader. But there's one anti-government activist security forces notably haven't touched: Juan Guaido, the lawmaker who declared himself interim president in a direct challenge to Maduro's rule. So why not?  Why not deliver the knockout punch and put your...(Read Full Post)