Dem objections to border wall: dumb and dumber

They’ve already struck bottom, and the partial fed shutdown could last months. Once again, the Democrats’ hatred of President Trump has lured them into arguing against common sense and their own public statements before Trump’s presidential campaign. They are getting desperate already, because the partial government shutdown mostly inconveniences federal employees working without benefit of paychecks. His demand for a border wall must be resisted,  but coming up with good reasons is a challenge that has them excavating excuses that are increasingly hilarious.

No significant constituency that doesn’t already passionately hate Trump believes that the Democrats are so careful with tax dollars that they regard a couple of billion dollars for a wall as too much waste. Not after Obama and his merry band of Dems wasted billions of dollars buying up used cars and scrapping them (cash for clunkers”), with the net result of driving up used car prices, penalizing poor people who must buy the cheapest cars on the market to have any vehicular transportation of their own.

The stupidity deepens.

Chris Hahn, former aide to Chuck Schumer and DC Dem was almost certainly shilling for the use of drones – a non-barrier that at most can alert authorities if the presence of illegals, but not stop them when he said that walls are “old” technology, setting up a rejoinder from Dan Bongino:

“The incline plane is old technology. Fire is old technology. Electricity wasn’t invented yesterday. 

Watch the entire 7+ minute segment on last night’s Justice with Judge Jeanine, via Grabien:

The reason Dems tout drones is that they can be instantly grounded by the next Dem president. But tearing down a physical wall would require Congressional appropriations (and a filibuster-proof Senate) , and also would offer visuals that are the stuff of nightmares for Dems: walls coming down and illegals—including “caravans” rushing in.

Hahn is a embodiment of sanity and moderation compared to Al Sharpton’s guest on his MSNBC show. Jason Johnson is a professor of political science at Morgan State University, a historically black college. For him, a wall is an assault on nonwhites, apparently, a “monument to white supremacy (unlike the wall Barack Obama is building around his multi-million-dollar DC mansion).