Candy lessons and the border crisis

According to an article in the New York Post, in his recent government shutdown meeting with congressional leaders, President Trump plied the likes of sourpuss House speaker Nancy Pelosi and pickle-faced Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer with sweets.  Vice President Mike Pence commended the president for his sugary savoir-faire when he informed the media that, contrary to Democrat comments stating otherwise, "[t]he president walked into the room and passed out candy." Frankly, Trump shouldn't have bothered, because no amount of sugar could sweeten up the two corpses who rose from the dead to attend a meeting, partake of the freebies, and then falsely accuse the Candy Man of "raising his voice ... slamming his hand," and having a "temper tantrum." Citing a crisis that the Democrats deny exists, Trump said he would not approve of any bill to end the shutdown unless that bill includes $5 billion to fund a wall on the southern...(Read Full Post)
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