Are Dems starting to turn on Mueller?

Robert Mueller had better watch his back.  If he fails to bring down President Trump, the wrath of Trump-haters could well turn on him, and Adam Schiff is already nervous.  There is clearly fear that no smoking gun seems to be at hand for impeaching and removing Trump from office, the supreme goal of the #resistance that dominates the Democrats.  If Mueller wraps up his investigation without giving them some raw meat, there will be some who will impugn his integrity or worse.

Joe Simonson of the Daily Caller News Foundation has noticed some ominous signs:

Some congressional Democrats appear concerned that special counsel Robert S. Mueller isn't being thorough enough in his investigation into President Donald Trump.

Democratic Rep. Adam B. Schiff, Mueller's No. 1 defender on Capitol Hill, believes Mueller could decline an investigation into the president's businesses, he told the Los Angeles Times editorial board.

One issue of particular interest to Democrats, Schiff said Monday, was the ongoing negotiations between Trump's allies and representatives from the Russian government over a skyscraper in Moscow during the 2016 election.

"Anyone who engaged in anything like that, anything remotely like that, would never get a security clearance, but this is the president of the United States," Schiff told the LA Times.  "If the financial entanglement goes beyond that, and includes money laundering and criminal activity that the Russians could expose at a time and place of their choosing, that's compromising."

The California representative later expressed concern that "Mueller may not be looking at this," and said that House Democrats may have to take up the cause.

This is hilarious in light of the charges that President Trump is "interfering in the investigation" when he comments on Mueller's witch hunt.  Meanwhile, the House of Representatives, where Democrats control the majority and appoint the committee chairs, is pressing ahead into territory that they believe Mueller should cover.  Nobody is uttering a peep about interfering with an ongoing investigation when Dems are the ones doing the probing.

Democrats, like House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, a New York Democrat, told CNN on Jan. 4 that members of his party would not wait for Mueller to release his final report before beginning their own investigations. ...

As the investigation continues, Democrats may also feel pressure to deliver some sort of smoking gun.

Robert Mueller now finds himself in the uncomfortable position of enjoying the support of fanatics.  That is a great position to be in so long as he is meeting with their approval.  They will defend him from his enemies with determination and fury.  But if he should fail to bring them what he wants, they will turn on him, seeking satisfaction for their bloodlust.

Photo credit: Cliff 1066 (cropped).