Ana Navarro, CNN's Madame Defarge

Ana Navarro is a regular on CNN. She is billed as a Republican but of course she is nothing of the kind.  She is a heartless, cruel, anti-conservative in every way.  She is of course a Trump hater and revels in her vicious attacks on the President. 

An example of her most recent reprehensible bit of behavior was to insouciantly file her nails on screen while a supporter of Trump and the wall was talking about the thousands of Americans killed by illegal immigrants.  This was her way of demonstrating her contempt for all of us who support Trump and the wall, those of us who know how necessary it is.

CNN screen grab, croppped

How do we know?  We live in cities in which hundreds of crimes - rapes, DUIs, murders, gang violence, drug use - are destroying the neighborhoods in which we live.   Navarro, like Schumer and Pelosi, do not care about those victims, about those families' grievous losses.  Dead Americans are a small price to pay for a flood of illegal migrants sure to be future democrat voters.  Dead Americans are a small price to pay for sabotaging the President they despise, despite his many successes for the good of the nation. 

Obama, Schumer, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton have all supported a wall in the past.  They have voted for many billions more than the five-plus billion for which Trump is now asking.   Obama repeatedly called the throngs crossing the southern border into the US with impunity a "crisis."  Now that Trump is President they have reversed course and they think we won't notice their blatant hypocrisy.

Something terrible has happened to the Democrats in Congress; they've lost all sense of decency, of love of country.  They are only about one thing:  hating Trump. That is today the one and only essence of the democrat party.  They have no agenda beyond impeaching the President.  They have no ideas, none.  One cannot give any credence to socialists like Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez  and her ridiculous New Green Deal.  Nor can we take seriously proud anti-Semites like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.  They are leading the rest of their party to an openly all-out anti-Israel posture.  Anti-Semitism is now fashionable among the left.  

That two such ridiculously biased people as Tlaib and Omar were elected is a very bad sign for America, once the beacon of freedom of religion and  respect for all religions.  America was founded on the rejection of biases that these two women, along with Keith Ellison and a few others, openly espouse. Despite their bigotry these people are now celebrated members of the democratic left. 

Dickens's Madame Defarge possessed a remorseless bloodlust.  She has a relentless thirst for vengeance; she had suffered at the hands of the aristocracy.   But for Dickens, she symbolizes his belief that her sort of vengeful attitude will ultimately prove a self-damning one.  Madame Defarge dies in a scuffle from a bullet from her own gun.  Ana Navarro is a thoughtless and cruel woman.  Is her vengeful attitude the result of previous cruelties? Perhaps.  She has no children, which may explain her unsympathetic, uncharitable contempt for the families whose kids have been slaughtered by criminal illegals.  Nevertheless, her on-screen nail-filing stunt has betrayed her diabolical emptiness for all to see.  That CNN still embraces her is yet another nail in the coffin of their credibility.  Dickens wrote that "A loving heart is the truest wisdom."  Navarro lacks both heart and wisdom.  She is the perfect archetype of our progressive left.