An abundance of arrogance

The U.S. Constitution's preamble is a powerful sentence that contains just over 50 words.  Upon final ratification in 1789, the task set before the newly formed American government was clear and eloquently stated: establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for a common defense, promote general welfare, and secure the blessing of liberty and posterity.  Absolutely nowhere in the U..S Constitution does it state that the government shall provide health care to the citizens.

As the list of 2020 presidential contenders grows, so does the number of candidates who support, endorse, and promote a Marxist-based ideology.  Their arrogance knows no bounds as to what they want to force upon the nation.  From a government-run health care scheme to the unrealistic New Green Deal, the socialists must be stopped.

California senator Kamala Harris recently announced her candidacy, defining her campaign for the White House as a fight against President Trump.  During her speech in California, she rambled through her résumé bona fides and then proclaimed that government-run health care is a right.  Apparently, the senator has never read the Bill of Rights.  If she had, she'd know that government-provided health care is not an enumerated right.

Several days later, the senator minced no words during a televised town hall event in Iowa with CNN host Jake Tapper, formally endorsing Medicare for All.  It's worth noting that the town hall event was by invitation only for a select group of Iowa Democratic Party faithful and a handful of Drake University students.  Sound familiar?

For the Iowa audience, she reiterated her vision for a nationalized, government-run health care scheme, beginning with the elimination of the health care insurance industry in America.  Right out of the gate, her plan will also eliminate the estimated 500,000 employees who work in the U.S. health care insurance business.  Clueless Jake Tapper failed to follow up by asking her ideas on how to re-employ all of the insurance sector people she plans to put out of work.  Keep in mind, there are also tens of thousands of people employed in the ancillary health care insurance sector.  It's hard to imagine Senator Harris winning their votes, insomuch as these folks will be looking for new jobs if she's elected.  As expected, Mr. Tapper also failed to inquire how Senator Harris proposes to pay for Medicare for All.  As they say, the devil is in the details.

Scouring the internet, the only information I found providing the Senator's fiscal plans is buried in an article published by the Washington Post (Jan. 21, 2019).  Author Jeff Stein attempts to explain Senator Harris's $3-trillion tax plan.  For starters, she intends to immediately raise taxes on the rich, in order to give away the U.S. Treasury to special interest groups.  And while Senator Harris was one of the first to endorse the Bernie Sanders nationalized health care scheme, recently declared presidential candidates Gillibrand, Gabbard, Castro, and Warren have simultaneously jumped on the Sanders bandwagon.  To date, exactly none of these candidates has specifically addressed the enormous tax increases that must be imposed in order to fund the whopping $33-trillion price tag over a ten-year period, calculated by the George Mason University Mercatus Center, whose research is supported by the Urban Institute.  The Institute also concluded that the Sanders plan will fall $16 trillion short in generated tax revenue.  Social Security and Medicare were supposed to be solvent, too.  Or at least that's what the public was promised.  The reality is a different story.

Potential independent presidential candidate and former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is not on board with socialist sophistry.  In his recent televised 60 Minutes interview, he stated quite clearly (and drawing almost immediate criticism from opponents and detractors) that the Medicare for All scheme is not American.  He concluded by stating another truth: it's also unaffordable.  Keep in mind that Mr. Schultz is a business titan.  Unlike Senator Kamala Harris, he has practical, real-world experience.  Mr. Schultz is poised to spoil the socialist narrative, repeated by posturing Democrat in Name Only candidates who should take the time to actually read the U.S. Constitution and Bill Rights.

The United States was not founded on Marxist ideals.  It's abhorrently arrogant to force a Medicare for All scheme upon the nation, promoted by dishonest politicians who think a one-size-fits-all, government-run health care program is the only solution.  It's not.