Abortion in New York (and soon Virginia?): We are one step away from throwing babies in the Tigris

In the ancient Roman text Instructor, Clement of Alexandria wrote about how women of his day tended to birds in cages with more sensitivity than their newborn babies.  He wrote, "[T]hey expose children that are born at home, and take up the young of birds, and prefer irrational to rational creatures."  Women from two millennia ago would discard and kill their own infants at the smallest sign or instinct of a deformity or weakness.  And much like liberal women today, they cared more about the humane treatment of birds (or whales, or trees, or cats) than human babies.

An abortion bill recently signed last week by New York's Governor Cuomo allows for all abortion restrictions to be lifted until the moment of birth.  Yesterday, a similar proposal was put forth by Virginia Democrat Delegate Kathy Tran which would repeal any and all abortion restrictions until the mother gives birth.  That means that up to the moment that a woman is fully dilated, and a doctor would still be protected under the law if they performed an abortion.

And like New York's new controversial abortion oversight, pregnant women are no longer protected by laws that can charge attackers with the death of a child they're carrying even when they had no intention of abortion.  Charles Camosy, a theologist who sits on the board of Democrats for Life of America, argued in a recent op-ed that the Reproductive Health Act has helped pro-abortionists' argument that a fetus is not an individual.  He writes, "Intellectually honest people know that when a pregnant woman is killed, something different has happened than [sic] when a woman who is not pregnant is killed.  Both situations are incredibly tragic, but in the former situation, two human beings are killed, not one."

Consider the Monday news story from Arizona where a man is charged with the killing of a woman who was just a few weeks away from delivering her third child.  During a press conference, Officer Elcock noted that the scene was so tragic because there was the loss of not only the woman's life, but that of her unborn child as well, saying "This is definitely one of those incidents that really is going to affect the police department for a long time."

The man, Fabian Durazo, is being charged with two separate counts of murder in the first degree because, unlike New York law, Arizona still recognizes the egregiousness of a crime this horrific.

Pro-abortion activists do anticipate that the New York law will eventually be brought before the Supreme Court, but according to Camosy, they're hoping to argue that "a fetus [is] a mere object to be killed and discarded in an abortion context" because they've accomplished overturning other legal contexts that have protected in-womb babies when they were considered individual humans that could be killed by homicide.

And they are celebrating this.  The sky over NYC turned pink the evening that Governor Cuomo signed the new legislation, which coincided with the anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade case.  The disturbing irony is that the woman behind that historic Supreme Court decision, Norma McCorvey, fought for the rest of her life to overturn the ruling and was a pro-life activist until she died.  Now women in pussy hats party in regard to the biggest regret of her life.

That's the thing with liberal "do-gooders."  They can preach causes of peace in any global event from Syrian refugees to caravans of economic migrants from Mexico yet act as demented mass-murderers if questions of the ethical decline of our cultural is raised by these new laws.  Pro-abortionists pretend that this new legislation somehow progresses women toward a utopian future when, in reality, we've never been closer to tossing babies into the Tigris River like the barbarians from our history. 

Third-trimester abortions are now legal in the state of New York, the same state where you can be imprisoned for up to a year if you sell a baby rabbit before it's eight weeks old.  Because for some wicked reason, liberal lawmakers, like ancient Roman women, value animals more than babies. 

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