When the federal prosecutors target an innocent man…

The video embedded below is a speech by Howard Root, CEO of Vascular Solutions, who was the target of DOJ prosecution and prosecutorial misconduct beyond your wildest imagination.  I recommend that you take the time to listen to Mr. Root's description of the DOJ conduct in this video, so you won't have to read the book.  People in his company were subjected to prosecutorial misconduct that is almost no better than what you may imagine was the strategy of Stalin's prosecutor, Beria. 

I read Mr. Root's book, Cardiac Arrest, and I can confirm he was mistreated and his company and employees were mistreated by DOJ prosecutors in ways that will outrage you. 

Mr. Root is a great storyteller and can put the legal issues up so you can understand them.  Vascular Solutions was a remarkably successful medical applications and instruments company that was targeted by the Obama DOJ, and the story is emblematic of the problem.  The book is not too long but complicated, and Mr. Root explains the events much better in this speech.

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