What #MeToo obscures...

Call it the lost narrative.

The story of Hollywood and its disgusting "grooming" practices that go on and everyone knows about remain the real story there, even as lefties seek to coopt the problem with their phony #MeToo movement.

Ed Driscoll of Instapundit uncovered this jewel of a story from National Review's Kyle Smith here.

Sorry, it's just a screenshot, Click the link here to get to all the superb links and videos.

Smith describes how Hollywood is and remains a grooming racket for rewarding and punishing young actors on the criteria of how much they 'put out' for the Hollywood shot-callers, such as CBS boss Les Moonves and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

That's the real story and Hollywood has yet to be cleaned up. These are horrible people described, and anyone who ever had the misfortune of having to deal with them was either just as awful or else shunted aside for not playing ball. What the Smith piece shows is that #MeToo, which is the lefty activism arising out of the Weinstein revelations, is really just mostly actresses who've compromised themselves in this everyone-is-compromised Hollywood sump, is little more than same old Hollywood politics. Hurling phony charges at Supreme Court nominees they don't like is no answer to the sewage of Hollywood that continues to flow.

Read the whole thing here.

Image credit: David Shankbone via Wikipedia // CC BY-SA 3.0