The Washington Free Beacon's 'Worst of MSNBC in 2018'

The Washington Free Beacon has combed through the MSNBC archives to come up with the most hilarious, most maddening, most shocking, most wrong-headed moments from the network in 2018.

Needless to say, it was a target rich environment.

In the second year of the Trump administration, there were Russia conspiracies galore (John Heilemann asked if Devin Nunes was a "Russian agent"), insults to throw around ("Morning Joe" host Mika Brzezinski called the secretary of state a "wannabe dictator's buttboy") and fates to ponder (Katy Tur wondered if her entire life was "pointless" because of climate change).

Nicolle Wallace hoped she wouldn't jinx Andrew Gillum in Florida and wondered how an NBC reporter resisted wringing Sarah Huckabee Sanders' neck at the podium. Steve Schmidt declared Russian election interference and potential collusion with Trump to be perhaps the "greatest crime in American history" and found plenty of things to be vile and disgusting. Malcolm Nance said the Russians had successfully brainwashed the American public into welcoming an invasion, which Brian Williams said was some "scary stuff."

Donny Deutsch said Brett Kavanaugh would never reach the Supreme Court. Lawrence O'Donnell called the U.S. Senate an "unfixable crime against democracy" because it confirmed Kavanaugh. Chris Matthews melted down over Anthony Kennedy's retirement from the Supreme Court and yelled at Steve Kornacki. Michael Steele warned viewers "your kids could be next" to go into "concentration camps" at the southern border.

Stephanie Ruhle mocked midwesterners who don't like socialism and admitted she yells curse words at Trump in the shower, while Ali Velshi posed a conspiracy theory that the National Rifle Association includes him as a member in their "secret records" and told a progressive politician that her platform was "normal" and she was preaching to the converted.

This is the sixth year that WFB has dug through the network's broadcasts so you and I don't have to. It's a thankless job, I'm sure, but a necessary one. Even more than CNN, MSNBC's unabashed, virulent, hysterical anti-conservative bias (and pro-Democrat/socialism) colors our politics and and the news in ways that are detrimental to democracy and individual liberty.