The war on Christmas, and Thanksgiving, and Columbus Day, and...

Columbus Day has been attacked every year because Christopher Columbus supposedly personally carried out genocide, a complete fabrication by Marxists who are famous for falsifying history for ideological purposes.  For those students who are not obsessed with Columbus's "crimes," their ignorance of his achievement is cringe-worthy.  While Indigenous Peoples Day started innocently enough in 1989, leftists now want to put it in place of Columbus Day, thereby tarnishing both holidays. Halloween is becoming less and less fun as liberals either cry out "cultural appropriation!" or claim that certain ethnic costumes (Polynesian, Mexican, Arabic, Oriental, etc.) will put someone in a coma.  For some unstated reason, even the name "Halloween" is objected to in favor of ..."Orange and Black Day" (doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, now does it?). Valentine's Day is under...(Read Full Post)
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