Thank you, George HW Bush

As we remember President Bush, let me share three times when I literally thanked God that this man was in office. The first one was March 30, 1981, the day of the assassination attempt against President Reagan.  I was in Mexico City having lunch with a business associate.  Back in the office, I got a call from my mother in Texas breaking the news.  I tuned shortwave to Armed Forces Radio and got the news reports.  We had an office TV with a cable connection to an NBC affiliate in South Texas. We didn't know if President Reagan would make it, but at least I was confident that George Bush was ready to take over. The second time was during the Gulf War.  As you may remember, Iraq started to fire scud missiles against Israel.  It was a scary moment because an Israeli retaliation would have probably messed up the coalition's Arab countries.  President Bush picked up the phone and...(Read Full Post)
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