TDS-inflamed Joy Behar besmirches George HW Bush's memory

Joy Behar got into a heated debate with Meghan McCain during an episode of The View on Monday.  The show was intended to remember the life of President George H.W. Bush, who passed away several days ago.  However, Behar used the opportunity to criticize and insult President Trump and her co-host, Meghan McCain. Behar's conduct was reprehensible. Her conduct portrayed her as a narcissist who does not respect the American public, her co-hosts, or former president Bush. Behar is no stranger to controversy.  Among her many inflammatory remarks, she has publicly asserted that President Trump teaches children to be racists and bullies and that Trump is paving the way for another Adolf Hitler.  She has also compared Republicans to "Nazis," asserted that Trump's election was worse for the nation than the September 11 attacks, and opined that the vice president and Christians have a mental disease for having faith in...(Read Full Post)
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