President Lopez-Obrador and the wall

Over the last few years, I've had conversations with friends in Mexico.  We usually end up talking about the border.  For us, the border is illegal immigration.  For Mexicans, it's guns and cash corrupting a fragile political system. As a Mexican friend said recently, the cartels have the politicians in their pockets, especially in the small towns where many of these vans full of cash and guns drive through. There are many reasons to build that border wall, as former secretary of education William Bennett said on Sunday: By weight, 86 percent of heroin that entered the United States in 2016 was of Mexican origin, according statistics from the Drug Enforcement Administration. "After 9/11 we shut down the border.  When we shut down the border, drugs didn't come in," Bennett said.  "If you shut down that border, if you close it off, if you build a wall, it can have a real and profound...(Read Full Post)
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