Leftists love intolerance when it's their own

This past week, the intellectually challenged Mika Brzezinski used a gay slur to attack secretary of state Mike Pompeo.  Pompeo is the least likely member of Trump's Cabinet to elicit such an aspersion; the guy is the very epitome of masculinity.  He's smart; he's big; he's a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy and Harvard.  Yet Mika called him Trump's "butt boy."  This from a media member of the far left social justice police that will destroy any conservative who might misspeak in the same manner.  Had Hannity or Tucker Carlson uttered such a vile smear, he would be off the air in five minutes.  But the deep bigotry of the left is acceptable to the left.

Bill Maher, Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, et al.?  They are allowed all manner of vicious sliming of anyone on the right with impunity.  Mika's slip obviously came naturally to her.  This is clearly how she and her ridiculous husband and their pals talk among themselves.  They are allowed because, in their minds, they are superior beings.  They can judge and say what those on the right must never think or say.  They get a pass.

Mika's unseemly comment was to meant to slime Pompeo for not being appropriately outraged by the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi sometime Washington Post columnist who was an apologist for the Muslim Brotherhood and an enemy of MBS, the ruler of Saudi Arabia, who is attempting some reforms of the Wahhabi brand of Islam practiced in that country.  Khashoggi was killed at the Saudi embassy in Turkey.  The Turks know by whom and have arrested them.  They are all, so the story goes, close associates of MBS.  But our outraged left is offended by such murderous tactics, even though leftists have embraced them countless times in the past.  Obama personally authorized the drone killing of Anwar al-Alwaki and his son in Yemen.  Hillary turned Libya into a slave state all by herself, and no one on the left has complained.  Our left is not concerned about the lives of others.  These leftists know perfectly well that Khashoggi was just a spy for the Saudis who opposed MBS's reformation plans.  Does that mean it was acceptable for him to be murdered in such a violent manner?  Of course not.  But other nations are not yet as civilized as we pretend to be when a Democrat is in the White House.  It is the American left that is vicious, not the right.  And most of the American left loathes this country.  Like Obama, they dream of transforming it into something the Founders never meant for it to be. 

With massive help from the media and the entertainment industry, the communist left in America embraced Stalin, Mao, and Castro!  They supported Chávez and his pathetic successor, Maduro.  Venezuela has been destroyed by these socialists in the same way Castro destroyed Cuba.  Communism killed a billion people in the twentieth century, and Americans are electing socialists!

Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unaware of the plight of the Venezuelan people?  Probably, but even if she is aware, she will not change her socialist tune.  The American left loves her, despite her astonishing ignorance of all things constitutional and historical.  She can spew nonsense all day long, as Joe and Mika do, about Israel, about health care, about the economy, about Trump, and the left celebrates this woman as its promising future.  In fact, she must certainly be an embarrassment to Boston University, where she allegedly earned a degree in politics and economics.

Mika graduated from Williams College with a degree in English.  Needless to say, college degrees have become increasingly worthless; students learn nothing but to regurgitate leftist dogma, for which their parents have paid dearly.  It is likely that because of who her father was – Zbigniew Brzezinski, national security adviser to Jimmy Carter – she was not required to actually earn a degree.  It was a gift.  They wanted the use of her father's name in their brochure.  Mika, like Ocasio-Cortez, learned nothing of value in university but contempt for conservatism and an unearned sense of superiority.

Even though few people watch MSNBC, that such people end up in positions in the media is the tragedy of American journalism.  The American people, those who do not have the time to examine our media moonbattery, are at the mercy of this media-leftist conglomerate.  They are the number-one enemy of the state, of America as founded.

Mika did apologize for her gaffe, but not to Pompeo.  What does that tell us?  That she is just the most current example of the leftists' smug tolerance for intolerance among their own.

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