Jihadis, feminists rally against 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'

An inveterate fan of Christmas music, I added to my Sirius presets the Hallmark Radio Channel – Channel 70, if you are looking – the day after Thanksgiving.  I have been rotating this channel, which plays standards from the American songbook, with a Christian station that features more traditional Christian music. I was pleased to hear that the Hallmark Channel continues to play the slightly naughty 1949 call-and-response classic, "Baby, It's Cold Outside."  Hallmark, in fact, may well play this song in its multiple versions more than any other. Composed by Frank Loesser of Guys and Dolls fame, "Baby" tells the story in alternating voices of a young woman who wishes half-heartedly to head home to preserve her reputation and a young man who leans on her to remain with him.  "I really can't stay," she sings.  "Baby, it's cold outside," he replies as he wears down her defenses...(Read Full Post)
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