Google and the Red Dragon

In traditional Chinese culture, dragons have a positive image – they are seen as protectors.  Modern China is a communist state, or more accurately a red fascist state.  This China has another use for dragons in mind.  With the help of technology giant Google, the Chinese government wants to implement a custom search engine capable of tracking Chinese users' every online move.  This search engine would be used as a high-tech surveillance tool for a ruthless surveillance state.  The CEO of Google recently tried to downplay the company's involvement in and the capabilities of Project Dragonfly.  Even if the company really is distancing itself from the project, we are still left to wonder why it would ever be involved in this scheme in the first place. Google has decided to stop doing business with the U.S. military because it apparently doesn't reflect Google's precious values.  China runs a series of concentration camps filled...(Read Full Post)
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