French 'Yellow Vest' protests spread from Paris to Belgium

Violent French protests against high taxes and the government of President Emannuel Macron entered their second week as similar demonstrations erupted in Brussels. The protesters in both countries are wearing yellow vests, which drivers are required to carry in their cars at all times. In France, they are unhappy over a recent fuel tax increase and high taxes in general. Reuters: Near the Ritz hotel, not far from high-end boutiques and restaurants, and in the avenues off the Arc de Triomphe, where several foreign embassies are located, gangs of violent protesters ran riot, setting a police van on fire and overturning cars. At least two buildings were aflame. Close to the Place Vendome, Christmas trees decorating the streets were upended, piled in the middle of an avenue and set alight, prompting chanting from scores of protesters. Youths smashed the windows of the flagship Apple Store on the Champs Elysees which opened just a few weeks ago. A boutique on the Rue...(Read Full Post)
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