Finally! Tijuana's mayor wants caravan organizers busted

The mayor of Tijuana, who's been saddled with $26,000 a day in costs to house and feed the caravan migrants, getting nothing but crime, insults, bills, pestilence, and garbage in return, is finally on to something: holding the cynical leftist caravan organizers of this humanitarian disaster accountable.

He wants the caravan's organizers, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, arrested.

According to RT News, citing a Fox News video:

Leaders of Central American caravans should face criminal charges and be held accountable for the damage caused to Tijuana as thousands of migrants continue to plague the city, waiting to learn their fate on the US-Mexico border.

Members of Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Nation Without Borders), an immigration rights group known for organizing several migrant caravans in Mexico and Central America, as well as other unidentified organizers, should be prosecuted, Tijuana Mayor Juan Manuel Gastelum told Fox News.

"This person who says he is from Pueblo Sin Fronteras... Let's take care of him, in a legal way," Gastelum said.  "Those are really criminals because they're dealing with lives, they're dealing with people... It's a federal crime."

The Fox News video of the mayor speaking is here.

Besides the direct costs of housing and feeding and medically treating the caravan migrants, who number about 8,000 at this point, Mexican businesses in Tijuana lost more than a million dollars in business after caravan migrants hurled rocks and stormed the Tijuana entry into the U.S. Sunday, forcing the shutdown of the U.S.-Mexico border for several hours.  (On the U.S. side, the loss was about $4 million).  So everyone who follows laws and plays by the rules loses when the caravan comes to town.

The mayor's call for arrests gets to the root of the matter: that the caravan was an artificially organized thing, not a spontaneous flight such as one sees coming from Venezuela.  Migrants were called to action by television in Honduras by these leftists; the participants were promised easy entry to the U.S.; they were organized to march around Honduran flags; women and children were planted in front for the cameras; the organizers encouraged others to join; they demonstrated their lawless intentions by busting down the Mexican-Guatemalan border; and with every promise of the reward at the end of the journey false (and the organizers clearly using the participants to promote their open borders political project), what we see here really is a criminal act, given the sufferings of the migrants.  In Tijuana, they're out there in sopping wet cold, camping out in the mud as Tijuana bears the brutal costs exacted on its citizens and their elected government.

The migrant organizers dumped this on all of them, all with the cynical aim of benefiting politically.  They couldn't care less about the sufferings of the migrants or the costs to the host city.  To them, that's someone else's problem.  Take a look at their indifference to this monster they created on their website.  Do you see any efforts to fundraise for the migrants they recruited on their half-completed project?  I don't.  All that matters is challenging the yanqui empire and making others pay for it.  If things happen, they happen.

Such disgusting people.  And guess what: they have names – Roberto Corona, Irenio Mujica, and Alex Mensing, all dyed-in-the-wool hardcore leftists of the Chavista stripe who are leading Pueblo Sin Fronteras.

They and the tentacles of their leftist networks are exposed well on Laura Ingraham's Ingraham Angle Investigations show:

Yes, the case is strong for making them pay for this.  Where else in the world can you lure masses of poor people, playing on their hopes for a better life like a creepy snake oil salesman, leading them to a foreign city, dumping them there, leaving the locals to pay for them, and expect all of their dreams to be fulfilled while you move along to organize another such group for others to pay for?

If these people-exploiters can't pay or refuse to pay for their project, maybe arresting them is the right message to send.  You want to organize a caravan?  You'd better have the funds to pay for it, or you are going straight to jail.  Tijuana logic can be very commonsense.

Image credit: Fox News screenshot.

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