Interior sec. Zinke accuses congressman of 'drunken and hostile behavior'

Arizona Democratic rep. Raúl Grijalva penned an op-ed in Friday's USA Today calling on interior secretary Ryan Zinke to resign.

Not surprisingly, Zinke didn't like that. 

Fox News:

In a remarkably scathing Twitter post, Zinke referenced past news reports that Grijalva in 2015 paid a female aide on Capitol Hill nearly $50,000 in a taxpayer-funded settlement after she complained about his drinking and office environment.

"It is hard for him to think straight from the bottom of the bottle," Zinke said of Grijalva.  "This is coming from a man who used nearly $50,000 in tax dollars as hush money to cover up his drunken and hostile behavior.  He should resign and pay back the taxpayers for the hush money and the tens of thousands of dollars he forced my department to spend investigating unfounded allegations."

Those who live in glass houses...

Zinke also tweeted "#TuneInnForMore," an apparent reference to the Tune Inn, a popular Capitol Hill bar Grijalva has been known to frequent.

Washington is a relatively small town and the political elites are a relatively small group.  You can bet everyone knows who hits the bottle and who cheats on the spouses.

Bad news for Zinke: Grijalva will be chairman of the natural resources committee in January.  His response to Zinke's tweet does not bode well for the interior secretary.

Can't wait for the next appearance by Zinke before Grijalva's committee.