EMP: Not if, but when

The probability of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) in our lifetime is much higher than most Americans would assume, according to Dr. Peter Pry, the Executive Director of the EMP Task Force. Pry explains there are three sources of EMP: the sun, nuclear weapons, and non-nuclear weapons. The natural concern, he says, is “the once-in-a-hundred-year geomagnetic superstorm like the Carrington event in 1859.” A superstorm of this magnitude “would be extremely powerful -- many times more powerful than the 1989 Hydro-Québec storm.” The entire world would be affected, putting “electric grids and critical infrastructures” as well as “billions of lives” at risk. Pry believes it is “inevitable” that we will be struck by a Carrington-class geomagnetic storms, for “it’s not a question of if, but it’s a question of when will that happen.” According to NASA, “the likelihood of such a...(Read Full Post)
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