Dems spent $385 million more than GOP in midterms

The nonpartisan OpenSecrets website that tracks political spending revealed that Wall Street Democrats crushed Main Street Republicans in 2018 midterm fundraising by $385.4 million. Final campaign filing reports demonstrate that 1,435,474, or about only 1 out of every 221 of America's 321,418,820 residents, made a reportable contribution of $200 or more to a candidate or political action committee in the 2017-2018 federal election cycle.  But this tiny 0.45-percent sliver of the American population accounted for $3,825.3 billion, or 71.1 percent of the $5.2 billion in 2017-2018 reportable contributions. Democrats also beat Republicans in the number of total contributors to their candidates and in every other major category of fat-cat giving. The concept of individual donors giving to both parties is essentially dead, with only 7,349 donors nationwide giving at least 33 percent of their contributions to candidates from both parties. That works out to...(Read Full Post)