Dem 2020 race: subtract two, add two

If you thought the 2016 GOP presidential candidate field was large, just wait for the 2020 Democrats.  Some observers of the ongoing process believe that "20 or 30" candidates are in the mix already, although few believe that when things shake out, there will be that many. Politico's David Siders believes that the announced, unannounced, and potential candidates are leading to a convulsion of the party. In just one convulsive 24-hour period, Democrats got a glimpse of the primary election to come, a precursor to a year of volatility in the party's historic, sprawling 2020 presidential field. Yet the departure of two candidates – and another seeming to suggest his intention to run – failed to provide any more clarity or definition to the field on the eve of a period in which many candidates have said they will announce their intentions. "This is like rats in a Skinner maze," said Hank Sheinkopf, a longtime...(Read Full Post)
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