CNN's Cuomo says viewers are 'frustrated' because he's 'too balanced'

CNN's Chris Cuomo and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway got into an unintentionally hilarious exchange, where the oblivious Mr. Cuomo claimed that CNN viewers are "frustrated" with him because his show is "too balanced."


"They expect you to be anti-Trump, your viewers," Conway said to Cuomo.

"No, they're actually get frustrated with me because they think we're too balanced on this show," Cuomo responded.  "They don't want me to have you on.  They don't want me to have anyone from the administration.  Trust me."

"No, they're mad at you for having me on, right, and you know why that is, right?" Conway asked.  "They don't want you to have me on, and my Aunt Rita said today, I don't know why you go on with him, he's not nice to you.  But she's watching."

"They don't want you to have me on for a simple reason, they accept if not expect you and the rest of CNN to be anti-Trump all day long.  And you know it.  You don't have the same viewership that CNN once had.  The people want it right down the middle, where the centrists and moderate and you know it," Conway said.

"The reason they get frustrated is they believe that you guys don't answer questions and that you spin a lot, and you ignore what is obvious fact," Cuomo shot back.

"Are you going to call me a liar?  Go ahead, you're going to call me a liar?" Conway asked the CNN host.

"If I have to, I will.  If I have to, I will," he responded.

"Oh, really, I dare you to do it.  What is it I lied about?" Conway inquired.

"I'm not saying that you're lying," Cuomo backed down.

Cuomo is so used to people accepting "the narrative" that he was shocked when someone actually asked him to give a specific example.

Of course Conway "spins" her responses.  That's her job.  I don't recall hearing Cuomo complain when Obama administration officials appeared on his show and he was teeing up softball questions that they could knock out of the park, spinning their responses as thoroughly as Conway.

Cuomo actually believes that viewers think he's too balanced in his treatment of the administration.  He's not lying – he's just oblivious to reality.  Instead, he has created his own reality where up is down, black is white, and anyone but someone besotted with Trump-hate thinks he's "too balanced."

A revealing and pathetic exchange between a spin-meister and a professional Trump-hater.

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