Cash-rich Schumer gets caught exploiting the interns

Has anyone been louder in advocating for a higher minimum wage than New York's Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer? He's bellowed that minimum wages should be raised to at least $12 an hour, attempting to shame Republicans for opposing him, by calling it, (kid you not), "a moral issue," as he put it. He's pretty much defined the Democratic Party in the minds of voters by his hammerings on the minimum wage. Then he went and put out an ad calling for unpaid interns. According to the New York Post: WASHINGTON – Sen. Schumer listed job openings for unpaid interns — but said the posting was “made in error” after Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticized members of Congress for seeking free labor. Talk about exploitation. It is exploitation, as it deprives anyone who's not independently wealthy of the opportunity to serve in the Senate. For free unpaid interns under Schumer, they labor,...(Read Full Post)
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