California sustainable poverty

California has the highest poverty rate in the nation due to residents paying double for electricity and $1 more per gallon of gas to pay for progressive politicians' quest for 100 percent sustainable energy by 2045. If California was a nation last year, its $2.747-trillion economy would have been the fifth largest on the planet, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.  The state experienced a five-year boom through 2017 with average annual growth rate of 5.9 percent, almost double the national average of 3.2 percent. But despite spectacular financial rewards last year to some residents in places like Silicon Valley pushing up GDP, California also won America's booby-prize for highest poverty rate at 20.4 percent.  Of America's top 25 major metropolitan areas, Los Angeles holds the crown as America's Poorest Big City, according to the Census Bureau. By traditional income levels, California would be close to...(Read Full Post)
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