WaPo exposes Palestinian aims

In "For Palestinian candidates in Jerusalem, a political vacuum" (10/30/18), the Washington Post ends the article by quoting Palestinian Jerusalemite Mahmoud Ahmad Ali as saying that "as a Palestinian," he could not "recognize the illegal municipality that only serves the Jewish right wing."

Earlier in the article, the truth is implicitly acknowledged.  The article describes a Palestinian mayoral candidate who withdrew from the race due to an "intimidation campaign directed mostly from the Palestinians' de facto capital, Ramallah."  The Post reveals that this candidate's party, al-Quds Lana, is Arabic for "Jerusalem Is Ours."  That captures the truth of the matter: the Palestinian complaint is not that Jerusalem serves only the "Jewish right wing"; it's that the city is run by Jews.  The name of the Palestinian political party couldn't make it any clearer.  In fact, Palestinian anti-Semitism is even more far-reaching.  They don't just think Jerusalem "is ours" or East Jerusalem "is ours."  They think all of Israel "is ours."

Further proof of Palestinian bigotry appeared just this week, when the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) Central Council approved a decision to suspend its recognition of the State of Israel (see Jerusalem Post article "Israeli Politicians: PLO torpedoing peace with vote to not recognize Israel," 10/30/18).  The Palestinians refuse to accept that Israel – the country – exists!

The Palestinians have been teaching their children for decades that Israel is "Occupied Palestine."  Just look at their school maps, official Palestinian stationery, and insignias.  The Palestinians barely disguise their rejection of peaceful co-existence with Israel.  It's high time the Washington Post reported this basic reality.

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