Progressive privilege on display at MSNBC

“Laws are for the little people” might as well be the motto of MSNBC correspondent Mariana Atencio. The Venezuela native, whose wealthy family was able to send her to elite Choate Rosemary Hall prep school in Connecticut, fits right into the Trump-hating milieu at MSNBC, constantly dwells on the need for “inclusivity,” has been a cheerleader for illegal immigration and the “caravan” openly promising to defy our sovereign borders, and seems to imagine herself a champion of powerless.

Except for handicapped people, apparently.

The great Joe Concha of The Hill reports:

A disabled Air Force veteran this week voiced frustration with an MSNBC news crew for blocking handicapped parking spots outside of a polling site in Houston.

"Went to vote, and found this waiting for us," James Berrie, who has multiple sclerosis, wrote in a widely shared Facebook post. "The only van accessible spot and they’re filming in it. We asked them to move, pointed out how it was wrong, then went to vote, because it takes time to load up. But came out and still there. Not even packing up, still getting ready for their shot."

Berrie told a local CBS News affiliate that the MSNBC crew "kept coming back like, 'we’ll move in two minutes.' " 

“'We’ll move in like three minutes. We’re going live. We’ve got a shot. We’re going live in like three minutes. We gotta do this,' and we’re just like, 'No. You have to move. It’s not right. You know it’s not right,'" Berrie told the outlet. 

Laws be damned! We’re dealing with people on an imagined holy mission. Forget about the sacrifices a veteran made – they don’t matter. Forget about voting, sucker! We are far more important than you.

Berrie responded by using a favorite slogan of those who demand that no voter ID be required:

"This is suppression," Berrie added in his Facebook post. "If I couldn’t park I couldn’t vote. Their van had no handicap placards."

Twitter featured a lot harsher criticism of Atencio, and her “apology”

A look at scene of her violation reveals how obvious it was that she was violating the law:

KHOU screen grab

With progressives, ALWAYS look at what they do, and ignore what they say, when trying to understand their values.

KHOU's video report interviews Berrie

Hat tip: David Paulin