Trump vs. Hitler

Ever since Donald Trump became president -- in fact, even before he won the presidential election -- liberals have repeatedly called him "Hitler." So is Trump another Hitler? Yes, say the experts! Here are some: the fake comedian Sarah Silverman called him a Hitler. CNN’s and ABC’s fake Republican, Ana Navarro called Trump a Hitler. Hanoi Jane, now that she’s not sleeping with prominent communists like Ted Turner (owner of CNN) or Tom Hayden, is busy calling Trump another Hitler.         Not just politicians, either! Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University called psychologist Jordan Peterson Hitler. And not only have leftists called Donald Trump a Nazi, but those who voted for him are also Nazis. And Alexander Nazaryan, a senior writer in Newsweek, also called the people who voted for Ted Cruz in Iowa Nazis. But to return to their claims that Trump is another Hitler. They're right! Just look at...(Read Full Post)
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