The real reason black liberals hate Trump

When President Trump spoke to young black leaders at the White House as part of the Young Black Leadership Summit sponsored by Turning Point USA, black Democrat overseers rushed to throw cold water on the historical event.  Rev. Al Sharpton speaking on MSNBC spun it as a photo op and even claimed that the White House had dressed the young black attendees in MAGA hats.  The best part of the White House event took place during a reception where the members of the media mingled with the young black leaders.  Roland Martin was approached by conservative black YouTuber Leo Dunson and was asked a two-part question: what exactly has the Democratic Party done for black Americans in the past fifty years, and why should blacks continue to vote Democrat?  The exchange went viral.  Instead of even attempting to answer the question, Roland Martin did what every black Democrat does when asked that question.  He countered: what specific...(Read Full Post)
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