The one question that really matters this election day

With the Nov. 6 midterm elections upon us, boilerplate issues such as taxes, spending, and immigration are important, but these are really window dressing, obscuring an existential question.  The deeper question that underlies all of our politics is this: will American voters retain power over the future of their country?  That is the question on the ballot on November 6, though it is not on the radar of most voters. President Trump understands that this question is the crux of modern American politics.  The essence of his program can be boiled down to that question: who will govern America?  By that he doesn't just mean Democrats or Republicans.  He is asking whether citizens will determine our course, or whether it will be determined by people and powers beyond the reach of citizens. Nowhere was his understanding of this critical question better revealed than in a speech delivered in West Palm Beach, Fla. on October 13,...(Read Full Post)
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