The mutual cleaning of political stables

In Tuesday's congressional elections, the Republicans lost the House of Representatives and held the Senate.  Of the three branches of the federal government, the Democrats regained control of half the legislative power – that is, one sixth of official Washington.  As in the 2016 elections, few people could predict the exact outcome of the 2018 midterms. The so-called "blue wave," which the Democrats were championing, did not reach the Senate.  However, the "red tsunami" of the Republicans passed by the House of Representatives. What happened? Behind the façade of the elections in 2018, the political stables became mutually cleared.  In the Senate, Republicans were able to defeat the "insufficiently left" Democrats, and in the House of Representatives, the Democrats dealt with the "insufficiently right" RINOs and anti-Trumpists. In other words, both the Democrats and the...(Read Full Post)
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