The mail bomber: Life imitates art?

Life imitates art?  I browsed a stack of unwatched DVDs that I had bought over the past few years.  For no particular reason, I decided to screen one called Jack Reacher.  It seemed as though I was watching last month's mail bomber news: video images of a white van, multiple human targets, an incriminating fingerprint, incriminating DNA, and a dimwitted suspect who probably was incapable of committing the crimes without accomplices.  Furthermore, the obvious suspect seemingly wanted to get caught...and immediately did get caught.

In the recent real-world imitation of this movie, the only things missing (so far) are dirty cops and corrupt politicians.

After being arrested, the movie suspect writes three words on a sheet of paper: "Get Jack Reacher."  That seems odd, because Mr. Reacher is his former nemesis.  After seeing news reports on TV, Reacher arrives, hoping to help convict the accused, but he gradually realizes that the whole thing is a frame-up and switches sides to help the defense lawyer instead.

In the real world, the timing of the bizarre mail bomb events seemed mighty convenient for the Democrats.  Although none of them ever was in any danger, the Democrats exploited the fake bomb mailings to make themselves appear to be sympathetic victims just days before an important election.  Until the dimwitted mail bomb suspect was arrested, intelligent observers wondered cui bono and concluded that this must be a Democrat false flag operation.

Democrat politicians and their leftwing media allies ridiculed those who suggested a false flag operation, blathering the usual faux outrage lines about victim-blaming.

Perhaps the false flag suggestions are indeed just conspiracy theories.  But is the suspect's former lawyer also a crackpot?  As if he were channeling Jack Reacher, the lawyer said, "This [alleged crime] appears to be more sophisticated than he would have the means or competency to carry out.  It truly makes us wonder if all the facts are correct.  Maybe he was someone's pawn, or acting on someone's behalf."

Unless the FBI still is infested with dirty cops left over from the 2016 election, it seems likely that it is investigating the lawyer's serious concern: is the dimwitted mail bomber a Democrat pawn?  Meanwhile, the left-wing news media are not investigating that claim and desperately hope there is no "Jack Reacher" at the FBI – at least until after the midterm elections.

A few years ago, the left-wing news media were equally disinterested when corrupt Democrat politicians obviously did frame an innocent man.  Just before the 2012 election, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama deliberately or foolishly let Muslim terrorists attack the U.S. embassy in Benghazi.  Then they blamed it on an obscure internet video that virtually no one had seen.  A quick arrest was made.  In that case, as in the recent mail bomb case, the left-wing news media showed no interest in investigating whether the charges might be a frame-up.

Let's assume that the mail bomber really is a lone wolf version of Bill Ayers, the Democrat bomber who bragged about being "guilty as hell."  Even in that case, we still have a frame-up conspiracy: the dishonest left-wing propagandists in the news media are blaming everyone from the president to Sunday school teachers in Oklahoma.

Politicians never should be trusted, but, ideally, journalists should be.  In that regard, this left-wing news conspiracy is worse than the 2012 Democrat political conspiracy to frame the innocent video-poster.

Now, in the final days before Tuesday's election, the hysterical left-wing propagandists seem to be bordering insanity.  First, they tried to blame the Republican president for the fake mail bombs, and now they are accusing other innocent ideological adversaries.  For instance, The Washington Post recently wrote, "Trump isn't to blame.  His entire party is."

Near the end of the movie Jack Reacher, the suspect wakes up from his police-caused coma with a foggy memory.  After watching TV news reports of the charges, even he becomes convinced that he committed the crimes.  Fortunately, Mr. Reacher already had proved by then that the suspect was framed.

Do left-wing propagandists believe that falsely accusing all Republicans of heinous crimes somehow convinces Republicans to vote for Democrats?

Fortunately, voters did not just awaken from a memory-erasing coma, and they refuse to be punished for crimes they did not commit.  More than 60 million Trump voters, plus a few million former NeverTrumps, now are eager to vote Republican, if only to mete out justice against the corrupt left-wing news media.

In that sense, we don't need to get Jack Reacher.  Together, we are Jack Reacher.

See you Tuesday.

Image: Jack Reacher via Wikimedia Commons.