Saturday schadenfuede: Avenatti's fall from grace with the left

How deliciously satisfying is creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti's fall? The man who announced his intention to run for the Democratic nomination of president in 2020 has just been evicted from his law offices in Newport Beach, is facing domestic violence charges after beating up his girlfriend, and has become a pariah on the left.

All in the space of a week.

Avenatti didn't even bother showing up for his eviction hearing.

Los Angeles Times:

In a brief hearing at Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, Judge Robert J. Moss affirmed his Oct. 22nd order that Avenatti and his staff vacate their ocean-view suite in a building across from the Fashion Island mall. He ordered them to leave by Monday.

Avenatti’s longtime law firm, Eagan Avenatti, skipped $213,254 in rent payments due over four months, leading the landlord, the Irvine Co., to sue for eviction.

After the landlord won the case last month at a one-hour trial that Avenatti skipped, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted a notice at the law office ordering the firm to vacate the premises by 6 a.m. on Nov. 1.

Avenatti requested a reprieve that won him a delay until Friday’s hearing, which he also did not attend.

Moss asked Mark Kompa, the landlord’s attorney, if he had heard from Avenatti. Kompa said he spoke to the celebrity lawyer on Tuesday.

“There were other events that transpired so I haven’t heard from him since then,” Kompa said.

Those "events" included being arrested. The champion of the #MeToo crowd and a leader in the "resistance" to Trump now finds himself broke and ruined. Naturally, the left never heard of the guy - or, at least, they wish they hadn't.


I can’t say I was surprised when Michael Avenatti was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence on Wednesday. It’s not that he seems like someone who’d assault a romantic partner. For one thing, that’s not something you can accurately glean from a guy’s tweets and cable news appearances. For another, Avenatti strongly denies the allegations. But even if Avenatti didn’t do what he’s been accused of doing, the ingredients of this scandal—gossip rags! a thing to be mad about! a political opponent to loudly blame!—perfectly suit Avenatti’s confrontational, grandstanding persona.

At times, it feels like Avenatti, who came into our lives earlier this year as Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and shows no inclination to ever leave, is something akin to the drama-seeking friend who moans, “I’m so unlucky, drama just seems to follow me everywhere!” At others, he comes off as a full-on “messy bitch who lives for drama.” His past is full of weird professional tangents—he’s a race car driver?—and personal litigation. His present is packed with televised outbursts, high-profile beefs, and a compulsive urge to make his clients’ stories about him. It was only a matter of time before a lurid allegation about his personal behavior ended up on TMZ.

Now, Avenatti will likely lose whatever goodwill he still held with Donald Trump haters who hoped Daniels’ attorney held the key to impeachment. Alyssa Milano, who appeared at an anti-Trump protest with Avenatti in July and has been a hypervisible leader of the #MeToo movement, tweeted that she was “disavowing” him. Daniels says she’ll drop him as her lawyer “if these allegations prove true.” But even if Avenatti isn’t charged or convicted, it’s hard to imagine him retaining the trust of anyone who cares about women’s rights. That’s especially the case after the public statement in which he said he would “never disrespect [his two daughters] by touching a woman inappropriately or striking a woman,” a bizarre line of defense—he needs a reminder of his own female flesh and blood to keep him from abusing women?—to wedge into an extremely short comment to the press.

So air heads like Alyssa Milano now disavows Avenatti? Just what did the left expect from a guy who represents clients that reputable lawyers wouldn't touch? The glory-hunting Avenatti put his own interests above those of his clients and people are suprised that he's gotten torched?

Avenatti follows a long line of leftist heroes who eventually make such complete idiots of themselves, that the left eventually tip toes away pretending they weren't important to begin with.

Anyone remember Cindy Sheehan? She's the woman who lost a son in Iraq who camped out on President's Bush's ranch because she only wanted to "talk" to him. Her behavior eventually became so erratic and her words so extreme, that the left started to ignore her until she ended up on the extreme fringes of the movement.

There have been others who were lionized by the left for a time, only to disappear a short while later when their usefulness came to an end. Now that it's happened to Avenatti, it only remains to be seen whether he ends up in jail or as a late night punchline for some comi.

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