Pelosi to Sharpton: ‘Thank-you for saving America’

A man who has blood on his hands for encouraging an actual pogrom against Jews in the United States has been thanked by Nancy Pelosi for “saving America.”  

Speaking to his organization, the National Action Network, Nancy Pelosi gushed over Al Sharpton:

“Thank you, thank you for helping take back America,” Pelosi said, despite still lacking a majority in the U.S. Senate, U.S. Supreme Court, and not holding the White House.

“Uh, people are call— all over the place are calling me, writing, airports here and there— thank you for saving America.

“I give those thanks to you,” Pelosi said, pointing at the small audience.

“Thank you for saving America,” she said. “Reverend Sharpton, thank you for saving America!” she said, grabbing his hand and raising it high.

YouTube screen grab

Democrats are very big on proclaiming the need for all to distance themselves from President Trump because of… whatever. He is supposed to be shunned in polite company because he is purported to be racist/sexist/nationalist and support policies that Democrats supported until they were taken over by the extreme left. But when addressing an actual moral reprobate who helps them at the poll, the praise him.

People in Crown Heights, Brooklyn died after Sharpton whipped up crowds.  People in Harlem died when he whipped up resistance to a store there because it was owned by an “outsider” --  a Jew, and the store was burned by arson.

Pelosi is in “the fight of her life” trying to regain the speakership, and she needs votes from the Congressional Black Caucus.   I believe the correct term for this is “moral bankruptcy.”