And now the Democrat show starts

According to news reports, opponents of Minority Leader Pelosi claim she will not be Speaker. This is from Roll Call:  

Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, one of the leaders of a small Democratic contingent opposing Nancy Pelosi’s bid for speaker, said Tuesday he is “100 percent confident” the group has enough commitments to block the California Democrat from being elected speaker on the floor.

The anti-Pelosi group has been gathering signatures from new and returning members on a letter that calls for new Democratic leadership. It also notes that the signatories will not back Pelosi during the January floor vote for speaker.

Moulton suggested they already have enough signatures to prevent Pelosi from getting 218 votes but declined to specify exactly how many.    

Well, let's see what happens when they officially over in early January.

I see a couple of scenarios where the Democrats don't have a  happy ending.

First, they barely select Mrs. Pelosi and every GOP challenger runs against her in 2020.  At the same time, every incumbent Democrat runs away from her.  Let's face it: Nancy is not popular between the coasts.

Second, they barely select someone else and the party's dinosaurs go on resistance against the new leadership. 

It won't end well because they are not united.  Also, many of these new representatives are already facing a tough reelection in 2020.

It will be fun to watch, especially for the fellow that lives in 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.   He will spend the next two years running against the Democrats.

Image by Donkey Hotey

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