NYT reporter demands we become ‘hysterical’ over ‘climate change’

Stop thinking! Act out of fear!” is never good advice. If a salesman uses this sort of argument, it’s time to walk away from the deal. But that’s what one advocate of global warming hysteria  -- literal hysteria – publicly urged yesterday. And not just in print, but on Meet the Press , the oldest continuously broadcast program in the history of television yesterday. The implicit rejection of rational discourse on an issue of public policy by a writer for what used to be the nation’s premier newspaper is another historic first for the broadcast.

Watch as first, Danielle Pletka of the American Enterprise Institute lays out the good news on climate hysteria, and then Helene Cooper, a writer at the New York Times, openly advicates hysteria.

The American public consistently refuses to rank global warming as a top concern, even though politicians, media, and some scientists constantly blame everything bad on what they now call “climate change.”

So much for rational discussion of the important issues of the day.